Build modern web applications that don't break the web.

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Pakyow Gets Realv0.11

Pakyow is a Ruby web framework that lets you create fantastic experiences for your users without writing any client-side code. Build modern server-driven applications that don't compromise on speed or usability.

Embraces the Modern Web

Auto-Updating Views

Pakyow automatically keeps your presentation layer in sync with state of the server. It works out of the box with no additional code.

Provides Simpler Processes

Quick & Easy Prototypes

Create a working prototype of your project with plain HTML. Later, build right on top of the prototype without throwing it out.

Empowers More Contribution

Building a Friendlier Web

We think that a democratic web presupposes a simpler web. Pakyow optimizes for simplicity, which makes it easier to start and leads to long-term productivity.

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