View-First Development

Pakyow promotes a view-first development process. Put simply, view-first development enables the presentation layer of a website or web app to be built and maintained separately from the logic that renders it.

View-first development also informs how a project is built. In Pakyow, development usually begins with the view, because this is that part that the user sees. Immediately after generating a project, the presentation layer can be built and viewed in a browser without requiring any backend code.

In Pakyow, the presentation layer consists of templates, pages, and partials -- all written in HTML (or your favorite template language). These different parts are composable, allowing for reusability without writing any backend code.

No changes to the presentation layer are required when adding backend code. View logic is written outside of the view templates and uses a technique called data binding to insert values into the view.

This view-first process is the trick that makes Pakyow's auto-updating views work without moving code to the client. It also makes development faster by isolating concerns and promoting the reuse of rendering logic.