Warmup Tutorial

Hello! Thanks for stopping by, we're excited that you want to take a few minutes to build your very first web app in Pakyow. This warmup will guide you through the high-level concepts found in Pakyow. We'll build a simple content-focused web app with realtime traffic counters and a simple chat tool. At the end, we'll publish the app to Heroku.

Just so you know what to expect, this warmup will take about half an hour. You'll walk away with an app of your own that you can show your friends, along with an understanding of how Pakyow is different and the types of things you can build with it.

Finding Help

If you get stuck at any point please reference the warmup source code on Github. And if you're still stuck, by all means ask for help through any of these channels:

As a reference, you can find the app running at